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House of Recovery is a community based organisation,registered in 2016 with the aim of being an active participant in the substance abuse and drug addiction space. We are a collaboration of individuals from different walks of life with varied experiences, who are passionate about finding lasting solutions to drugs/ substance abuse and dependence.Through our sister company, THE RECOVERY PLACE, we offer counselling services, training, data gathering and analysis.


a. To provide support to individuals groups with drug/substance dependence.
b. Provide opportunities for individuals, groups and vulnerable people with drug addiction to live healthy lives. By broadening their perspectives on the treatment possibilities available to them.
c. Participate in policy development aimed at improving service delivery in Nigeria and ultimately globally.
d. Provide helpline information and support to anyone who is worried about or potentially facing drug/substance abuse.
e. To work with primary health centres and community groups in the development and delivery of ‘’Train the Trainer’’ programme.
f. Develop awareness campaigns, provide information material, encourage media involvement and hold events that will educate the public on drug abuse.
g. Partner with stakeholders to achieve our objectives.


To be at the fore of creating lasting solutions in addiction for a drug free society.


The House of Recovery seeks to create a warm and trusting space where addicts and their loved ones get the necessary support and the general public acquired advice and information about addiction. This will ultimately alleviate the destructive impact of drug addiction on society.